Safety in the kitchen

Exploring the home is a great adventure for kids. As soon as they stand up, they start poking around the cupboards and drawers looking for treasures. They hide under tables and look into every nook and cranny. Everything seems so exciting! And household appliances are the most intriguing of all. How can we ensure maximum safety for our child?

Hot, hotter, hottest!
Hobs and ovens cause the most concerns. Children may burn themselves or turn on the appliance when we're not looking. With gas hobs, there's the added risk of a gas leak if the flame goes out because of a draft, for example. Luckily, Amica appliances are equipped with flame safety valves.

Safe cooking
An induction hob is one of the safest solutions for the kitchen, especially if there are children around. The hob heats up only the exact spot where the pan is, significantly reducing the risk of your child getting burnt. Amica hobs also feature a Child Lock. After we lock the hob using the sensor control panel, small children will be unable to switch it on or change the cooking settings. The main risk with gas hobs is accidental flame failure. 

Pro Baby System
To avoid the risk of children getting burnt, Amica ovens have extra safety features. The door lock prevents children from opening the oven when it is in use. We don't need to worry about our child touching the hot oven, either, as the I-cool front system keeps the front glass at a maximum temperature of 35 °C. This is possible thanks to the special fan design and increased number of glass panels in the oven door.

The additional safety features found in Amica appliances ensure ease of use and peace of mind. While our kids are playing around, all we need do is avoid burning the food.