Cooker hoods: a good atmosphere in the kitchen

Amica offers a range of cooker hoods fitted with quality filters, including chimney hoods, telescopic hoods, island chimney hoods and all-purpose conventional hoods. They are different in terms of installation, appearance and features. Which design best suits our kitchen?

Island chimney hoods: a kitchen enclave
This modern solution is excellent for an island-style kitchen with the hob in the middle. The hood and the pipe between the hood and the vent can be arranged away from the walls, giving more design freedom. Located right above the hob, the hood absorbs all odours so they don't permeate to other rooms or other parts of an open-plan space.

With the smart odour sensor, air cleaning and odour removal can be automated: meaning we don't need to switch on the hood every time. This feature is available in the chimney and island chimney hoods.

Another innovative solution is the wide-angle LED lighting system, which provides additional workspace illumination and ensures a unique atmosphere within the kitchen.

Chimney hoods: performance and style
A chimney hood is a good choice for kitchens with the cooker or hob alongside the cabinets. Chimney hoods offer high performance extraction rates, but note that we cannot utilise the space above the unit, as it is used by the chimney where it connects to the vent pipe.

The stylish designs of chimney hoods work well with kitchen furniture and lends a certain unique character. Our range includes a variety of shapes and designs, including modern and rustic styles.

Our precious space
Making the most of our kitchen space is important, so we may consider a conventional or telescopic hood. Some telescopic hoods have particularly space-efficient and slim designs combined with a modern feel, and feature a user-friendly touchscreen panel for quick operation of the unit. Whilst the 5 speed settings allow us to adjust the extraction power even more effectively.

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