All there is to know about hobs

Space for culinary challenges

Cooking on gas is simply unrivalled. Amica ovens and hobs use large and stable grills (stable cast-iron pan supports). This enables the use of several large pots and pans at the same time, which is especially useful when preparing dinner for a large family.

It is also worthwhile considering models with a Booster burner – 4 kW of power will enable you to prepare your favourite dish in a flash. A 12.9 cm high burner ensures even distribution of heat, such as in a large, wide-bottomed pan. As far as preparing oriental meals goes, a 13.8 cm diameter WOK burner with a triple flame will do the job best.

Ease of use

Igniting the burner with Amica does not require the use of gas lighters or matches. With the auto-ignition in the knob, the gas will light in no time. All you need to do is turn and push the knob of the selected burner. Additionally, the heat can be quickly adjusted – which is precisely why gas hobs are the professional chef's choice.

A hob that is always clean

Cleaning a gas hob is time-consuming. This, however, is not the case with modern Amica cookers. Flat burners and high-quality cast-iron pan supports make it easier to keep the gas hob clean. This kind of arrangement has additional aesthetic merits – the hob has a very unique, modern look. In addition, the stable arrangement of pan supports on the hob increases the safety during use.

Now even safer 

Using a gas hob requires increased caution, but with Amica gas hobs, you can rest assured. Our appliances come with a flame safety valve that cuts off the gas supply immediately after a flame is accidentally put out, such as by a strong gust of wind or if a pot unfortunately boils over. 

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