Finding the perfect washing machine

Quick loading
Stuffing a heavy coat or blanket into the washing machine can be a bit of a challenge. To make this easier Amica has enlarged the door size in its appliances. The porthole diameter is now 47 centimetres for quicker and more efficient loading and unloading. Thanks to the 8 kg load (slim drum), we no longer need to break up our laundry into smaller chunks. A 45-cm wide washing machine has enough room to fit 8 kg of clothes, saving us time and energy on loading and unloading.

Efficient yet gentle
The Aqua Stream system provides an extra pass of water with detergent to ensure our clothes, bed linen, towels and cloths are perfectly clean, smelling fresh and free from stains. A washing machine should go easy on delicate fabrics. This is why Amica washing machines and washer dryers have drums with a special structure, which employs Pearl Drum technology for longer fabric life. And what if we have an allergy sufferer at home? Just set the Anti-allergic programme to enable 4 extra rinse stages with water heated to 30 °C. This will remove any traces of detergent that might cause an allergic reaction.

Less time and energy
The longer the programme, the cleaner the laundry? This is not always true. Using the Reduce time function with a Amica washing machines does not affect the washing results, yet it saves time, water and energy. What else could we want? If we go for a model with an A+++ energy efficiency class, we'll save even more on our home budget.
And if we're short for time, we should pay attention to the maximum spin speed. The faster the spin, the less time it takes to dry our laundry. Hang it on a warm heater or run a drying cycle (this feature is only available in Amica washer dryers), and we'll be putting on clean and fresh clothes in no time.