Family washing machine

Large and small needs
Sweaters, rompers, trousers, dresses, bed linen, tablecloths, towels... it might seem we need several machines to wash them all. Unless we find one that is big enough, of course. Amica washing machines now come with a larger, 8 kg load drum (slim-depth) and a large door for easy access. They also feature the Child Lock, which can be enabled simply by holding two buttons to prevent children from changing any settings.

Having small children means having many dirty clothes to wash. Instead of buying tons of washing powder and stain remover, we can buy a washing machine that goes light on detergents. The Aqua Ball function closes the drain in the tank to reduce the loss of washing powder and ensure its maximum use. This means less detergent, while our laundry still comes out perfectly clean. For even greater efficiency the Aqua Stream function enables extra circulation of water with detergent during a single washing cycle.

The Anti-allergic programme may also come in handy to protect the sensitive skin of children. With up to 4 extra rinsing cycles, it minimises the risk or irritation caused by the detergent.

Great for busy lifestyles
If we really care about using our free time effectively, we should pay attention to how long it takes to complete each washing cycle. With the Reduce time function, we no longer need to spend the whole afternoon waiting for our laundry. The shortest program available in Amica washing machines is just 12 to 15 minutes, enough to freshen up a dress or shirt we've only worn once.

With the start delay, we can also set the washing to start at a specific time, such as 2 hours before we come home from work. And if we enable the Easy ironing function, a special drum cycle will minimise creases, so that we can get ready for work or to go out in just a few moments.