Finding the perfect refrigerator

Look beyond the size and colour. Todays refrigerators have tons of useful features to make life easier. Here are the most important.

Low maintenance
Contemporary refrigerators and freezers feature many smart solutions. One of them is NoFrost technology, which prevents frost and ice build-up on the walls so we don't have to worry about defrosting. This is thanks to the continuous flow of cool air, which is evenly distributed inside the unit.
Some Amica refrigerators also have an open door alarm and a temperature rise alarm, triggered when the inside temperature gets too high, such as due to a power-outage.

Flexible space
A large size does not always mean large storage capacity. Fitting pots and oversized food packages into a fridge is all about the size and distribution of bins and shelves. The new refrigerator and freezer units from Amica feature the Flexi Space system for easy arrangement of the interior space to fit our current needs. Another interesting solution is the FreshZone crisper, with its 0-3⁰ C temperature range, excellent for keeping short-life products, such as dairy, fish or meat. Another important point is the drawer size. The large BigBox drawers found in some Amica refrigerators offer plenty of room for seasonal fruit, vegetables, meat and complete meals.

Instant cooling
The SuperCool and SuperFreeze functions are particularly useful in the summer, ensuring that the food brought from a hot car is quickly cooled down to the right temperature so that it stays fresh for longer and retains more of its nutritional values. For those who like icy-cold drinks, the Party function is just the feature we need. Insert the drinks into the freezer compartment to chill them safely and in no time.

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