Comfortable living: it's in the details

It bakes, it cleans, it tells the weather
The primary purpose of an oven is to roast or bake. But what if it could also remember dozens of recipes and tell us that we do not need an umbrella today? This is what Amica ovens can do. The pyrolytic oven cleaning function burns off any splatters at 490 °C, while the advanced programmers enable us to read our favourite recipes from the screen and even control the oven when we're away from home. By linking the programmer to a Wi-Fi network we can also view weather forecasts on the screen.

Flexible space
Adapting ourselves to our appliances is becoming a thing of the past. Now it's the appliances that must adapt to our needs. Here's an example: with the Flexi Space function found in Amica inductive hobs, we can use more than one pot on a single heating zone. Another is that fitting jars and bottles into the fridge is also much easier thanks to the fully adjustable door bins.

Safer than ever
With the new protective features, using household appliances with children around is easier than ever. Amica gas hobs have a Child Lock and a flame safety valve, while the ovens feature a child-proof door lock and the I-cool front, which never gets hotter than 35 °C and is always safe to touch. Amica washing machines are now equipped with child safety features to enable easy locking of settings and to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Bigger is better
How can we get more room inside a dishwasher? The easiest way is by adding a third rack, a solution found in selected Amica dishwashers. The Maxi Space 3 rack offers us plenty of space for all our cutlery, so the unit can fit not 10, not 12, but 14 dish sets. And forget about cramming linen into our washing machine: Amica washing machines feature larger drums and doors. The aim of all this is to create household appliances that are ever easier and more comfortable to use.