Water and dishwasher – a perfect duo

Hand washing of dishes and pans may use up to 107 litres* of water a day, while also leaving the skin on your hands dry – and taking a lot of your time. Deciding to buy a dishwasher seems obvious, as it can involve serious savings. But what savings?

Save up to 97** litres of water
One washing cycle – depending on the size of the Amica dishwasher – it uses from 8.5 to 10 litres of water. To wash the same quantity of dishes manually, it can take up to 107 litres! Even just washing pots and dishes in your sink uses quite a lot of hot water, which costs almost three times more than cold water! 

Obviously, you want to make savings, so how is that possible since a dishwasher also needs electricity – as well as being costly? A dishwasher uses electricity to heat the water, but if you buy an A+++ class device, you can count on serious savings. Compared to class A, an A+++ device uses 93 kWh less. You can use this energy to heat water in your electric kettle – even up to 540 times – or simply pay lower bills for your electricity.

Water under control 
Worried that a dishwasher might flood your kitchen? Surely not a Amica! Our dishwashers come equipped with special protection: the Aqua Stop system, which prevents liquids from leaking out of the dishwasher. You can be sure that in the case of an unexpected break-down neither your nor your neighbours property will be flooded. 

Water hardness vs. dishwasher safety
Before connecting the dishwasher for the first time, check the hardness of water in your property. This is easy to do yourself, using a paper water-hardness tester.  The water available from our taps is of medium hardship if the concentration of calcium carbonate (CACO3) per cubic decimetre exceeds 180. The higher this value, the harder the water you have. Why should you check what type of water you have? Knowing this allows you to adapt the dishwasher settings to suit the water, and make sure you always add the relevant amount of the right washing salts.

Have we answered all your questions? We hope so, and look forward to see you enjoying a Amica dishwasher in your own home.

* Hand dishwashing was checked under home conditions, but data for particular households may vary.
** A single washing cycle involves a set of dishes, including a dessert plate, dinner plate, bowl, saucer, glass, fork, knife, spoon and teaspoon. It may also include a small serving dish, plate and a scoop.